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This exquisite white truffle honey marries the delicate sweetness of Italian Acacia honey with the earthy intrigue of prized white truffles from Piedmont, Italy. Crafted with 100% pure Acacia honey, known for its luxurious smoothness and slow crystallisation, this decadent condiment is infused with real white truffle shavings.


The result? A symphony of flavors. The honey's natural sweetness dances with the powerful aroma of the truffle, creating a unique depth of taste that's both sweet and earthy.


Our producer is a family run business who have been creating handmade artisanal products in Piedmont, Italy since 1929. They have won a multitude of prizes for their efforts and are one of the most famous in Italy for Truffle products.


We think it is best matched with sharp cheese, especially Pecorino to take your cheese board to the next level. Also use it to glaze roasted  meat - think truffle honey glazed Ham!

White Truffle Honey - Made in Piedmont Italy - 120g

SKU: truff-honey
Expected to ship from 24th July 2024
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