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Made by pressing Sicilian basil with Nocellara Etnea olives, both grown in the mineral rich soil on the slopes of Mount Etna, Europe's most spectacular volcano.


100% natural - No essence or aromas have been added to this product.


Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Cold extracted.


Since 1969, our producer comes from a long history of crafting the finest olive oil and has won a multitude of awards for their efforts. Basking in long hot summers and a mild winter, our olive groves are provided with the perfect climate for quality. Once harvest begins in late October, our olives are cold-pressed within 6 hours.


That means that the nutrients and delicious flavour of the olives is preserved, giving you the very best of each olive. 

Sicilian Basil - Mount Etna Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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