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Fresh from the mineral rich volcanic soil on the sunny slopes of Europe’s most spectacular volcano in Sicily.


Since 1969, our producer comes from a long history of crafting the finest olive oil and has won a multitude of awards for their efforts. Basking in long hot summers and a mild winter, our olive groves are provided with the perfect climate for quality. Once harvest begins in late October, our olives are cold-pressed within 6 hours.


That means that the nutrients and delicious flavour of the olives is preserved, giving you the very best of each olive. 


Organically grown with no use of pesticides or herbicides.

Monte Etna D.O.P - Volcanic Soil - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ML

SKU: 1120
    • Altitude: 400-900 meters above sea level
    • Olive variety: Norcellara Etnea (65%), Biancolilla and Moresca
    • Taste: Well-balanced aromatic taste with hints of artichoke, green tomato and herbs with a peppery finish
    • Harvest: By hand
    • Location: Mount Etna, Bronte, Sicily
    • Acid content: 0,10 – 0,25 maximum


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