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Our Oregano grows wild on the slopes of Mount Etna and with the warm Sicilian sun and rich volcanic soil, a fragrant and aromatic herb is produced that’s unique, versatile and well-rounded.


A kitchen staple. Our Oregano is the perfect herb for salads, focaccia, pizza, sauces, grilled vegetables, meat and fish. For a simple dressing, combine BellaTerra’s extra virgin olive oil.


BellaTerra Oregano is grown with care by a local family on the slopes of Mount Etna, then gathered by hand and slowly dried. The leaves are then separated from the branches and packed in our lovely jars ready to be sprinkled and enjoyed. It’s a 100% natural. You get the best out of this incredible herb, as in its dried form its flavour is even stronger. Its woody scent is unmistakeable and the flavour - spicy, sweet and intense.


Sicilian Oregano - Volcanic Grown - Hand Harvested